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Marc is a high-energy, dynamic personality that will add punch and sizzle to your next event be it On Line, On Air, On Stage or On Site. An international favorite in great demand.

Marc’s book ‘Retiring for the GENIUS’ is a modern-day blueprint designed to help Mass Affluent Retirees on how to prepare for, and enjoy life in retirement.


Marc is a highly-sought-after speaker. His high-energy storytelling skills makes him a huge favorite with the financial planning community and the public at large.

Radio Host

Marc hosts a weekly radio show ‘Dollars and Sense’ providing straight-forward, easy-to-understand, financial advice in a language you can understand.

Freedman Financial

Marc Freedman CFP® is the President and CEO of Freedman Financial, Peabody, MA, and has practiced financial planning and investment management since 1992.


‘Retiring For The Genius’

by Marc Freedman | On-sale: Paperback | 437 pages | ISBN: 978-1-938077-38-8 A retirement plan should never leave you so confused that you’re relegated to a state of paralysis. After all, who wants to feel like an “idiot” or a “dummy?” Today, millions of people lack the basic confidence to make rational, informed personal financial decisions. Their emotions create a haze of indecision contributed by social circles, twitter feeds, and media talking heads. ‘Retiring for the GENIUS’ will deliver a refreshing and honest perspective. In Retiring for the GENIUS, Marc Freedman offers readers, most notably the “mass affluent baby boomer”, timeless strategies, information, and thinking cues, making this book an everlasting reference manual for their approaching retirement


“I think yours may be the most significant book for financial planning/retirement that has been written in the last 20+ years.” – Bill E. Carter CFP®, CLU®, ChFC President Carter Financial Management

“Marc recognizes that each one of us has the ability to be a genius—if we take the time to accept responsibility for our financial life. Retiring for the GENIUS is a great tool to start you on that journey. This is the first book, to my knowledge, specifically written for mass affluent baby boomers. Like enjoying a good meal, savor the great advice and let it digest in your own mind to extract the rich most important to you.” – V. Raymond Ferrara, CFP®, 2014 Chair Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc.

“I have the good fortune of being a client of Marc Freedman and have found his guidance and insight indispensable. You will find that same conviction and knowledge that I have come to rely on is masterfully presented in his new book. You will be making a sure investment if you treat yourself to reading Retiring with Confidence.” – Marcy L, Andover, MA

“Although I have been retired for 20 years I found many sections of Marc Freedman’s book most helpful. I am sending a copy to my soon retirement age children. Marc’s personal writing style and his wit makes this book an easy, informative read. I will use it as a handy reference. Definitely 5 stars.” – DC Thomas

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Marc Freedman has made it his mission to help communicate financial insights and strategies to financial advisors; the public at large and executive teams through educational and creative messaging. What makes Marc uniquely qualified in fulfilling this mission is that he has both the financial background and the media savvy necessary to create impactful messaging that matters through a variety of mediums.

Its in his DNA! As an Up with People Alumni D’86, he was part of the cast that performed at SuperBowl XX’s halftime show. Since traveling, Marc has remained an outspoken advocate for Up with People. Voted ‘Cast Motivator’, ‘Most Energetic’ and ‘Best Metro Manager’ during his year on the road by cast members, he continues to WOW his audiences to this day. Marc will bring a unique ‘real world’ and fun perspective to an engaged group leaving them wanting more.

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Radio Host

‘Dollars and Sense’ Radio Talk Show Host

Marc Freedman designed the Dollars & Sense financial radio show to inform, educate and give financial advice to the listeners of 104.9. Listen to our broadcast feed below. Marc shares the answers to the tough questions giving listeners a chance to learn about what really goes on in a financial planner’s office – so that they can make more informed decisions for themselves and their families. “Dollars & Sense” airs each Sunday morning 8:00-9:00  on North Shore 104.9. If you don’t have a radio, listen to us live online. Giving financial advice in a language you can understand.® Here’s a few ways to listen to the show: RSS Feed | iTunes | Mobile | Freedman Financial’s PodBean page

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President and CEO Freedman Financial

Marc S. Freedman CFP® is the President of Freedman Financial, now celebrating 50 years of providing financial planning and investment advice to individuals and families. A second generation financial planner, Marc has almost two decades of experience in the financial industry and has received national recognition and accolades. Marc is passionate about educating the public – as well as those who present themselves as financial advisors – about the enormous differences between investment advice and integrated financial planning. He believes that communication is the cornerstone of a good relationship, and that planning is the most important step toward a solid financial future.

Marc is quoted in national media outlets, including L.A. Times, Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest, Money Magazine,Business Week, USA Today, The Journal for Financial Planning,Financial Planning Magazine, Investment Advisor Magazine,Registered Representative, Boston Globe and the Boston Herald.

A graduate of Peabody Veterans Memorial High School and Babson College, Marc is married to Laura and has five children. He’s an avid fan of the Boston Red Sox AND the Wonderful World of Disney. It is his life-long dream to dress as a Disney Character in the Magic Kingdom for just one day – after that, he’d happily retire as a tour guide or guest relations cast member.

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